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Welcome to The Community-Gateway Listserv!  If you live in Massachusetts and you are interested in disability issues, this is the email list for you!  

What is a Listserv?  
A listserv it is a free email group. With a listserv, you can connect with others who share your interests and passions.  You send one email to the group and everyone will receive it. When someone replies, everyone gets the reply too. It's easy and fun. Plus, you can share and store photos and files, coordinate events and more.

The purpose of this listserv is to support, networking, share of resource, stories and experiences with other Massachusetts residents dealing with disability.  This list is open to individuals with disabilities, family members, service providers and anyone interested in disability issues.


Policy Statement

Community-Gateway is a place where residents in Massachusetts can network, share ideas and resources for dealing with disabilities. It is open to people of all ages dealing with all types of disabilities. It is also open to the friends and caretakers of people with disabilities.


At Community-Gateway, we all have the right to be respected. Dealing is disability on a daily basis, we are under a tremendous amount of pressure in dealing with domestic, medical, therapeutic, school and social issues (to name the few most prominent). 

No one needs to be challenged by others on or off the list. Being told their abilities are poor, or that the program they are using is wrong or they are negligent are all forbidden.

What is Appropriate to Post

Appropriate posts include seeking and sharing of information pertaining to individuals with disabilities, networking and moral support (of which venting is a form).

Attachments may be sent to the CommunityGateway Listserv.  Please use the usual precautions when opening attachments and be sure to keep you virus scanners updated.

In responding, if what you have to say will probably pertain to a number of people on the list, then it should be sent to the list.  If what you have to say only pertains to one or two people, then it should be sent via Private Email and not to the entire list. ;

What is NOT Appropriate to Post:

The purpose of the Community-Gateway listserv is to share support and information pertaining to the Massachusetts disability community. This list is not for the canvassing of any particular religious or political ideals nor is it a forum to debate for or against abortion or euthanasia.


Netiquette, Internet etiquette, is mainly watching your manners while participating with the list. This includes keeping to topic, reducing quoting and keeping signatures lines to a reasonable length.

Please limited quoting and signature lines (typically no more than four lines).  It is recommended that the "Quote Original Message when Replying" feature of your mail program be turned off.

You should also respect copyrights and not publish the material of others without permission and/or attribution.

Please view the Email Netiquette Guide.

Mailer Configuration

Turn off HTML encoding and send messages in PLAIN TEXT format.  You may only send HTML, "quoted-printable", and mime/base64 encoded messages to people you know can decode it.  Listservs do not handle message decoding.


Personal attacks are not welcome here and are cause for removal.  This includes privately flaming members off-list. If you see an attach, do not answer, but please forward it to the list moderator.  Avoid Flame wars:

No Solicitation

Community-Gateway does not permit solicitation. This includes, but is not limited to:


Note:   There is a difference between solicitation or advertising, and identifying a great resource. A great resource comes from someone who has used the resource and is speaking from their own personal experience.


You may email communitygateway privately with complaints or questions regarding the administration of this list or if you are having problems with other members. Do not utilize the list for disputes. 


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