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Scotty Luce pictured above with his mother, Tricia Luce, December, 1995.  "The bond between mother and child is eternal, once a parent, always a parent."

Scotty Luce Coalition for Family Preservation

In Loving Memory

The Scotty Luce Coalition was formulated in the summer of 1996, by friends, family and neighbors of the late Scotty Luce.

Scotty passed away on Memorial Day, after twelve years of increasing but always successful struggle to live a full life, one filled with genuine community involvement.

His deep heart, character and strong sense of justice affected the many people he met during his childhood.

Scotty commanded respect and he elicited sensitivity and kindness in others, through his inherent moral authority.  He inspired his parents and friends to serve other children and families.

Scotty's life represented a rainbow of gifts.  His love and his lively, passionate spirit lives on in the work of his parents and friends.

by Conrad O'Donnell

Our Mission

Working as families in communities, we will create positive changes and awareness of the valuable lives of children with sever cognitive, physical and complex health care challenges.  We will respect their rights to a loving family, home life and meaningful community presence.  We will defend and enrich the lives of children and their families.

Our Goals

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