What is Gentle Teaching?


Gentle Teaching is a set of values, goals and strategies that teach valuing and participation. It is also a process that places bonding and companionship at the center of all interactions. It is a means to support people to regain personal control with respect and dignity.

Gentle Teaching focuses on four primary goals of support:

Another aspect of Gentle Teaching is the incorporation of the Psychology of Interdependence, which has to do with how we exist as human beings, how we see ourselves, how we see our relations with important others, etc.

The Psychology of Interdependence is based on the following three assumptions.

When we enter into relationship with a deeply wounded person, someone who is angry and or violent, we discover our own handicaps, our fears, unforgiveness, spirit of rejection, etc.. Finding and loving the heart of the other person not only heals their broken-ness and wounds, but heals our own handicaps as well.

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