What is a Kaileigh Mulligan Waiver?

In the state of Massachusetts this is called the Kaileigh Mulligan Waiver. The Kaileigh Mulligan Program provides MassHealth services and benefits to certain children with severe special needs who are over the income standards for MassHealth eligibility and require the same level of ongoing nursing and medical needs as a child living in a pediatric nursing home or hospital. There are currently 198 children enrolled in this program in Massachusetts through DMA (as of December 20, 2001). Additional children, estimated to be 40-50 are enrolled each year through the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. Total enrollment in the Kaileigh Mulligan Program (KMP) has averaged 250 children each year since it was established. This program was developed out of Section 134 of TEFRA 1982 (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act) P.L.97-248 and Section 1902(e) of the Social Security Act. To be determined eligible, a child under age 18 years must: