Disability Law

CHAPTER 766 - Enacted in July 1972 - Guarantees the right to children in MA who have disabilities to a beneficial public education

Chapter 688 - "Turning 22" - Chapter 688 is intended to provide a coordinated planning process for students with severe disabilities in need of adult services from one or more human services agency Department of Mental Retardation (DMR) and Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC).

REHABILITATION ACT OF 1973 - SECTION 504 SECTION 504 - Guarantees equal opportunity for more than 35 million Americans with disabilities - This includes public and private schools and colleges - mass transit systems - hospitals and clinics - social service and rehabilitation programs - legal service programs - housing programs

FEDERAL LAW 94-142 - Passed in 1975 - This act assures that ALL children in the United States of America with disabilities are provided a free, appropriate public education designed to meet their unique needs, and assures that the rights of these children and their parents and guardians are protected

IDEA - (formally P. L. 94-142) Extends the 94-142 to all children with disabilities ages 3 through 21 and includes related services required to help a child with a handicap benefit from special education

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT - ADA - Passed in 1992 prohibits discrimination in employment, transportation and public accommodations of people with disabilities. This is a Civil Rights Act for people with disabilities

TECHNOLOGY-RELATED ASSISTANCE FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES ACT OF 1988 (THE "TECH Act") - The purpose of this Act is to expand the availability of assistive technology services and devices to individuals with disabilities