Legislative Advocacy

Legislative advocacy is to persuasively articulate and effectively advance the best interests of all individuals with disabilities and their families. Because the well being of our loved ones is inextricably intertwined with flexible, individualized supports, advocacy must be centered on laws that directly affect those supports. Legislative advocacy is not a narrow "special interest." Accordingly, a broad spectrum of individuals and groups across our state--including self-advocacy groups, friends, neighbors, and community organizations, should be encouraged to actively embrace this role to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families.

But I Vote, Isn’t that Enough?

Legislators are elected by the citizens, but the citizen's responsibility does not end there. Citizens can, and should, make their voices heard in the legislature. There are a variety of ways that you can contact the Representative or Senator from your legislative District The Legislature is quickly moving into the realm of electronic communications, and many legislators have established Internet addresses. All you have to do is find your city or town and click on the name of your representative. You will find their postal address, phone number and e-mail. You will also find a brief biography and committees that your representative sits on. You can e-mail them directly from their homepage.