Nike Statement:

Nike Statement Re: Air Dri-Goat Ad
October 24, 2000

We have heard from a number of people who took offense to a paragraph within an ad running in the United States for the Nike ACG Air Dri-Goat trail running shoe currently running in several outdoor magazines.

We offer a sincere apology to those people, their family and friends. Clearly, disabilities of any form are no laughing matter and that paragraph should not have been included in the ad. We are immediately pulling this offensive ad from future publication.

The intent of the print ad for the Air Dri-Goat trail running shoe was to communicate the benefits of using the right equipment to prevent injuries. We certainly did not mean to offend, or make light of any form of disability.

Nike has a long and proud history of supporting the athletic goals of people of all levels of ability. We firmly believe in the philosophy of our late co-founder, legendary track coach Bill Bowerman, who said, "If you have a body, you are an athlete." Nike has a strong record on employing people with different abilities, and has included athletes as diverse as Craig Blanchette, Casey Martin, Ric Munoz and others in its advertising. Nike also outfitted the 2000 Australian Paralympic Team. A former Nike president, Bob Woodell, suffered a spinal cord injury and uses a wheelchair, and we have a Disabled Employee Network.

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