A Summary Checklist


  1. An assessment has been conducted to measure my childs social skills.
  2. Standardized, empirically-based measures are used to assess my childs social skills.
  3. Results provide information about both my childs social skill deficits and strengths.

4. If challenging behaviors, Functional Behavioral Assessment is conducted by a qualified professional.

IEP Development


1. Goals and objectives target specific social skill deficits.


2. Goals target priority areas for intervention.


3. Goals and objectives are measurable.


4. Goals allow for change over the course of a year.


5. Goals and objectives include measurable benchmarks.

  6. Data collection systems are in place to measure progress toward each of the goals/objectives.
  7. Changes are made to social skills programming or goals as indicated by the data.

Social Skills Programming


1. Social skills programming is matched to the target areas for which your child needs intervention.


2. For direct skill instruction, key features are incorporated: Modeling, Coaching, Role-playing, Performance Feedback, Reinforcement, and Generalization procedures (Transfer Training). 


3. If curriculum used, a validated (i.e., tested) curriculum is chosen.


4. Includes instruction for skills that are useful at home

Staff Qualifications


1. Consultant is qualified to develop appropriate social skills programming based on assessment results and needs of the child.

  2. Staff are qualified to implement social skills programming.
  3. Staff who implement social skills programming are knowledgeable in the following:
Mental retardation and/or Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Functional behavioral assessment
Social skills assessment
Best instructional practices
Applied behavior analysis
Social skills training
Behavior support plans

4. Behavioral Consultant possesses the necessary qualifications in applied behavioral analysis and school consultation that addresses your childs needs.


5. Behavioral Consultant is part of the team of providers and regularly monitors and provides feedback to staff and parent regarding program progress and necessary modifications.

Parent Involvement


1. We have discussed concerns about our childs social skills deficits.

  2. We are invited to and attend each planning meeting.

3. Our opinions are solicited and valued at these meetings.

  4. The plan reflects our input.
  5. All parties work toward generalization of my childs skills to both school and home.