Effective Social Skills Programming

By Jannette Rey, Ph.D. and Robert Putnam, Ph.D., The May Institute, Inc.
Collaborative Effort of the Winchendon School Department, Ashburnham-Westminster School Department, Department of Mental Retardation, and The May Institute, Inc.

Converted for web publication by CommunityGateway.org with permission from the May Institute, Inc. and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation.

This article has been developed for parents of children with difficulties in the area of social interactions with others. In particular, parents of children with Mental Retardation, Pervasive Developmental Disabilities, and other disorders where social behavior is of concern can benefit from 
the information presented here regarding 
best practices in the promotion of social skills in youth.


Table of Contents

4 Key Areas in Developing Effective Social Skills Programming