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AAMR American Association on Mental Retardation

ABE Adult Basic Education

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act

ADD Attention Deficit Disorder

ADL Activities of Daily Living

AER Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired

AHEAD Association for Higher Education and Disability

BTP Bureau of Transitional Planning

CIT Counselor in Training (in a camp situation)

DET Department of Employment and Training

DMH Department of Mental Health

DMR Department of Mental Retardation

DOE Department of Education

DOL Department of Labor

DPH Department of Public Health

DPW Department of Public Welfare

DSS Department of Social Services

DYS Department of Youth Services

EEP Extended Employment Program

EIP Early Intervention Program (for children ages 0-3)

EOEA Executive Office of Economic Affairs

EOHHS U.S. Executive Office of Health and Human Services

EOHS Massachusetts Executive Office of Human Services

ETS Employment Training Specialist

FAFSA Financial Application for Federal Student Aid

FC Facilitated Communication

Federation Federation for Children with Special Needs

FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act

GPA Grade Point Average

HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development (U.S. and MA)

ICFs/MR Intermediate-Care Facilities for persons who are Mentally Retarded

ICI Institute for Community Inclusion

IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IEP Individualized Education Plan (school)

IFSP Individualized Family Service Plan (for children ages 0-3)

IL Centers Independent Living Centers

IRWE Impairment-Related Work Expense

ISP Individual Service Plan (adult service provider)

ITP Individual Transition Plan (school and human service provider)

IWRP Individual Written Rehabilitation Plan (MRC and MCB)

JTPA Job Training Partnership Act

LEA Local Educational Authority (the school system)

LRE Least Restricted Environment

M.G.L. Massachusetts General Laws

MAAPS Massachusetts Association of 766-Approved Private Schools

MABE Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education

MAC Massachusetts Advocacy Center

MATP Massachusetts Assistive Technology Partnership

MBTA Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

MCB Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

MCCD Massachusetts Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities

MCDHH Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

MDDC Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council

MDDC Massachusetts Developmental disabilities Council

MHFA Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency

MOD Massachusetts Office on Disability

MORR Massachusetts Office of Refugee Resettlement

MRC Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

MTI Massachusetts Transition Initiative

NIDRR National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation and Research

O/M Orientation and Mobility (services for individuals who are visually impaired)

OFC Office For Children

OHA State Office of Handicapped Affairs

OJT On-the-Job Training

OSEP Office of Special Education Programs

OSERS United States Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services

PAC Parent Advisory Committee

PASS Plans to Achieve Self Sufficiency

PCA Personal Care Assistant

PCP Person Centered Planning

PIC Private Industry Council

PTO Parent Teacher Organization

RAC Regional Advisory Council

RSC Rate Setting Commission

REB Regional Employment Board

RFP Request For Proposal

RRTC Rehabilitation Research and Training Center

RSA Rehabilitation Services Administration

SAC State Advisory Council

SAT Scholastic Achievement Testing

SDA Service Delivery Area

SEOG Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant

SHIP Statewide Head Injury Program (MRC)

SpEd Special Education

SSA Social Security Administration

SSDI Supplemental Security Disability Income

SSI Supplemental Security Income

TA Task Analysis

TAC Transitional Advisory Committee

TASH The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps

TJTC Targeted Job Tax Credit

TPC Transition Planning Committee

TTY or TDD Telecommunication Device for the Deaf

UAP University-Affiliated Program

UCP United Cerebral Palsy

VR Vocational Rehabilitation

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